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About Me

Stop trying to make this about you.

Zach Golden is a writer and director in Brooklyn, NY. He lives with his wife Sara and dog Oscar, both of whom are allowed on the furniture. If you're looking for Zach Golden the masseuse, you're on the wrong website, but man, does that guy give a great back massage. He's got such strong hands. You know what, strong is not the right word...comforting, that's it. The writer and director Zach Golden won't give you a back massage and if for some reason he did, it definitely wouldn't be as good as the other Zach Golden's massages, which to be crystal clear are far superior.


Or as my mother calls it, "You're still doing that?"


Yahoo Sports TV Commercial - "A Single Second"

Commercial I directed for Yahoo Sports App

Nestlé Dolce Gusto

"Real Italian Coffee at Home"

The ALS Association

"An Urgent Message from the ALS Association Regarding the Ice Bucket Challenge"

My brother-in-law challenged me to the Ice Bucket Challenge, dick.


Weather You Need it or Not

I created , wrote, and directed approximately 23048232342 videos for a website where an old Jewish grandmother named Gigi gives you the weather.

Check out the website below, or visit WeatherFrom.com


Promo from the World's Greatest Dad

What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner?

A website, 2 books, and mild to moderate internet fame.

In 2010 I couldn't figure out what to make for dinner. I made a website to try and find out, and whatshouldimakefordinner.com wasn't available so I added "fuck." 42 million people have visited the site, and I managed to trick Running Press into letting me write 2 books. I still very much don't know what to make for dinner.

Cooking (For Assholes)

Proof that the publishing industry is in a lot of trouble

I was an awful child, but a very good cook, so I learned early on that no matter what figurative and/or literal shit I got into, I could make it all better by cooking something delicious for the victim(s) of my transgression. So it's that, but in book form.

Possible Worldwide

Web Content - "The Naughty Nice List"

For the holiday season, Possible Worldwide created an app that scanned your social media posts to determine if you were naughty or nice. Then we made a whole bunch of videos that gave you your results. Here are some of them.



"Enjoy the Journey"

I directed a commercial for Strol in which we see what happens if you don't use Strol.


"Enjoy the Journey"

Yahoo Weather App

"The Forecast is Beautiful"


Weather From Promo: "World's Greatest Dad"

Yahoo Mail App

"Get Organized"


Weather From Promo: "Old Jewish Grandma"


Yahoo Sports TV Commercial - "A Single Second"

Gigi Does It

Coming Soon.
October 1st at 10:30pm on IFC.

Gigi Does It